Treatment Options Besides Narcotic Medications and Surgery

August 23, 2013

By Howard Grattan, MD

Did you know that narcotic pain medications like Oxycodone or Morphine can make pain worse over time? These medicines are artificial versions of endorphins your body naturally makes during laughter, exercise, sex, etc. Narcotic meds mimc the natural endorphins' pain-reducing effects... but over time they also trick your body into making less of the natural endorphins, and make you more sensitve to pain.

Depression tends to occur; bowels slow, leading to consitpation; your immune system becomes less effective at fighting diseases; and testosterone production declines. As a result, it becomes harder to enjoy life.

Many people don't realize there are other treatment options besides narcotic medications or surgery. Some of the most effective options include injection using ultrasound tehcnology to directly target the painful area without use of radiation, platelet-rich plasma injections, radio-frequency ablation, and implanted electrical stimulators. What more info call a board-certified pain medicine physician today.