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Diagnostic discography – helps to establish and confirm painful disk and guide levels of fusion

Discography Experts at Columbia Pain & Spine

This diagnostic test helps your physician ‘see’ in to the interior of your discs to determine the precise point(s) of pain and to help in determine the proper course of treatment. It is used on all portions of the back -- lumbar, thoracic and cervical (neck) – and is particularly useful in pre-planning of lumbar fusion procedures.

Using X-ray guidance, a needle is inserted into the target disc(s) and a dye is injected for observation by a trained physician. Leakage of the dye from the disc indicates a tear, scarring or other problems.

Reliable discography requires the expertise of an experienced discographer. Columbia Pain & Spine Institute is proud to offer diagnostic discography for our own patients and as consults for other area physicians.