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Stellate ganglion block – treatment of complex regional pain syndrome

Stellate Ganglion Block for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

The Stellate ganglion block targets nerve tissue on either side of the throat. Like nerve blocks discussed in other sections of this site, the procedure is intended to interrupt or block pain signals from the neck, arms and face from reaching the brain.

The procedure can be done in an office setting in approximately one hour. Recovery time is short and most patients can return to their normal schedule within a day or two. Results can be felt immediately and may last up to several hours, and it is common for relief to last longer with each injection.

CRPS Pain Compared to that of Childbirth

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) usually starts in the leg or arm and spreads to the entire body. It is a chronic condition and often occurs following an injury, stroke, heart attack or surgical procedure. The pain of CRPS is reported to be among the most severe, and is sometimes considered out of proportion to the injury or initiating event. The condition can lead to loss of function and disability.

CRPS sufferers often experience dramatic changes in quality of life and may be susceptible to depression and even suicide.

In addition to relief from symptoms of CRPS, the Stellate ganglion block has been shown to be effective with breast cancer survivors and women going through menopause.

The staff at Columbia Pain & Spine Institute is experienced with treating sufferers of CRPS and can help determine if the Stellate ganglion block holds promise for your personal pain relief.