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Ultrasound guided joint injections and nerve blocks

Ultrasound Technologies Home In on the Pain Source

Joint injections of a steroid or other medications is a common procedure used to help reduce pain and swelling of joints. Ultrasound guided joint injections utilize proven technologies to help guide the physician to specific pain centers, and thus help produce more significant results. The procedure can often be performed in an office setting and is relatively quick. It is used to treat inflammatory joint conditions, such as:

Ultrasound guided joint injections are especially helpful in reducing pain and stiffness associated with hip and lower back disorders. The advantages of ultrasound guidance also make treatments in some areas easier to accomplish. Treatment areas include:

Nerve blocks are often administered in the same method as joint injection: with a needle inserted through the skin to the affected area. The procedure is done for two primary reasons:

A substance such as alcohol or phenol is injected into or around the affected area, which interrupts the pain signals being sent to the brain.

As with joint injections, using ultrasound technologies to administer nerve blocks not only helps make the procedure more effective, it is sometimes the only way to accurately treat the precise area of pain.