Patient Testimonials

I am very happy to tell anyone about Dr. Maksimov and his staff. In fact, I've referred several people already. I've searched a long time trying to find a place where I will be treated with sincere attention. I found it here!

Dr. Maksimov and his team have truly helped me "beat" the pain cucle so I can function again.

Diana A.

I really like Dr. Maksimov and Barb. They are both bery professional and caring. When having any procedure, I have great respect and confidence in Dr. Maksimov. Barb is a very caring woman and I also respect and have confidence in her. She makes coming here worth it. Thank you both!

Lori S.

Columbia Pain and Spine was the only specialist to offer spinal cord stimulation and have the follow up to be sure there are no complications. I would not have a "normal" life without the intervention of their doctors. Also as important, is the quality of care and being treated as an individual and being cared about.

Christy R.

The staff is very considerate and caring. The doctor is friendly and has a great bit of knowledge. All and all, you have a pleasant experience with this clinic.

Edith K.

I would advise anyone with physical pain to come check out Columbia Pain and Spine Institute. The doctors are very experienced with patients suffering in pain. They offer many methods in pain reduction at Columbia Pain Institute. Pain reduction is their expertise and specialty. Its a total comprehensive approach to pain management.